I know why you’re here!

You just want to look good and stop spending money on things you're not wearing.

You want your own style, not a crash course in the latest trends.

You want to put an outfit on and feel fabulous.

You want a wardrobe that fits, flatters and lasts!


I’m Alarna Hope and I’m a Personal Stylist.

I'm also a bit of an anti-shopper. It’s not because I hate shopping, I’m a door bitch. You know those people who stand at the doors of fancy places with a list and red velvet rope and decide whether or not you’re allowed in? I’m one of those, but for my wardrobe. Nothing gets in there unless it’s on my list.

Personal Stylist, Alarna Hope inside the Strand Arcade in Sydney

In 8 Chapters You Will:

8 Chapters | 500+ Pages | A DIY Styling Experience

  • Develop a style that's uniquely yours.

  • Learn about shape, fit and quality.

  • Edit your wardrobe with Stylist-like precision.

  • Create a killer shopping list and budget.

  • Shop with laser focus, aware of possible distractions.

  • Learn to maintain your wardrobe and cherish your investments.

What My Readers Think!


Perth, Australia

"There is so much in this book, I feel like I've had a private session with you!"


Bondi, Australia

"I'm so motivated to clean out my wardrobe now that I know what my style is and what I buy too much of!"

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  • How big is the book? Will it take up much space on my computer?

    That Effortless Bitch is 538 pages long and if stored directly on your device and not in online storage like Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud, it will take up 15.2MB.

  • Is there a print version of this book available?

    When I was creating the book, I initially planned to release it as a hardcover because I am a book lover myself and wanted my readers to be able to hold it in their hands. But as I got further into the process, I realised this was going to be a big book. At over 500 pages, the weight would have put a big dent in postage prices and had a bigger environmental impact than I wanted. So I decided to sell it as an ebook, that way you can access the content when you need to like in fitting rooms and shopping centres without all the drama!

  • What if I am unhappy with the book? Can I get a refund?

    We don’t offer refunds for downloadable products for change of mind, unwanted gifts or incorrect choice purchases, so please take care when ordering as these sales are final. If your download link isn’t working, please email style@alarnahope.com.au with your purchase details.

  • I'm plus size, is this book suitable for me?

    This book caters to all shapes and sizes, weights and heights. The size of your clothes is not a hindrance to achieving great style.

  • I'm going through menopause and my body shape is changing, is this a good book for me?

    Menopause, while it has its pain points, gives you an opportunity to update your style to your new phase of life. This book will help you adapt your style to your shape as your body changes and teaches you so much outside of that.

  • I've just had a baby, is it too soon to read this?

    Congratulations! This book is going to help you get the style you want and what better timing to match your wardrobe to your new routine than now!

  • I don't like the 'B' word, should I still get this book?

    Each to their own! But no, I mention the word exactly 175 times in the book and there’s not a censored version available yet.

  • Do I need specific software to read this book?

    You can open That Effortless Bitch on any device with a pdf viewer, like Adobe Reader. Most computers, whether they’re Mac or PC have this program on them. If you don’t have this program, there’s a free download of it available from the Adobe website. I also find the Kindle App to be great for smaller devices like phones and tablets.